In Your Room

Tea & Coffee

A selection of tea and coffee is available into the drawer of the bar.

In-room Objects


Free wifi is available everywhere in the hotel. All you need is to connect to the Network HRR.

WiFi network : LesRochesRouges
No password

Approve terms of use > internet access (Click & Connect)


For listening to your own music :
  • Via Bluetooth : press the button on the back of the speaker
  • Via a Jack cable: situated next to the speaker 


Please note that check-out time is 11 A.M.

A secured luggage room is at your disposal if you need the hotel to keep your suitcases and if you wish to enjoy the hotel facilities before leaving.


Newspapers are available in the library area, next to the restaurant ( ground floor )

Safety Deposit Box

A safety deposit box is available in your room

How to use:
 1. Locking the safety deposit box (enter a number with 4 to 6 digits)
 - Push back the safe deposit box door
 - Enter the code
 - Press the hash button (L)
 - The safe deposit box will lock automatically and display "CLOSED".
2. Unlocking the safe deposit box
 - Enter the code you used to lock the safe deposit box
 - The safe deposit box will unlock automatically and it display "OPEN".
Please don't hesitate to contact a member of our team if you have any problem using the safety deposit box. 



Your Housekeeper

Rooms are cleaned daily until around 5pm. If you would like your room to be cleaned at a particular time, please contact reception.


Extra Pillows

If you would like extra pillows, please tell us here.


Bathroom Towels

If you would like extra bathrooms towels, please tell us here.



If you wish to get more bath products, please let us know.


The laundry service is available from Monday to Friday. Please leave any garments to be cleaned in the bag provided in the wardrobe, fill out the laundry form and inform reception.

In-Room Services


Wake-up Call

If you wish to be woken up, please let us know the day and specific time as well as if you would like multiple calls.

Contact our Engineering Man


Technical services

We will be happy to book a parking space, taxi or private chauffeur to meet your travel needs. For train station and airport transfers, please tell us the number of passengers and the number and size of your luggage. We will then organise the transfer for you.
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