Vacation by the Sea

Sea fishing, diving along the coast, wandering by foot or bike up the rugged mountain paths of the Esterel, discovering the joys of pétanque… The coast offers a plethora of activities to please all tastes, along with experts and specialists who will be delighted to help you explore them. Quite unlike the faceless offerings of mass tourism, these men and women promise to give you a personalised introduction to a coastal region full of history and adventures.

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About Our Local Community

Situated on the shores of the Mediterranean between Saint-Raphaël and Agay, close to the Massif de l’Esterel, Les Roches Rouges is an oasis of peace between the sea and countryside. The hotel cultivates its difference, thanks to its remarkable architecture, excellent standard of service, and ties of friendship with the people who live and work in the region. 

These landscape artists, artisans, producers, and sportsmen and women are the finest ambassadors of an authentic Côte Varoise that cultivates its unique personality in the shade of the cypress trees and umbrella pines. To stay at Les Roches Rouges is to discover the soul of this region and its people, who are deeply attached to their traditions, and proud of their know-how and history. An invitation to travel, dear to our philosophy, and the promise of an entire Group.

Olivier Bardoux, Heritage Fisherman

Having noticed how his colleagues were being affected by the dwindling of coastal fish stocks, Olivier Bardoux decided to diversify his activities by sharing his passion for fishing with the public. Five years ago he was among the first to set himself up in pescatourism activities. Tourists accompany him out to sea as he lays and lifts his nets, talking with him about his work and enjoying the view of the coast. 
Olivier has room for up to four people in his catamaran, the “Léalisa”. He is proud to introduce them to a regional identity that is slowly disappearing, and a style of tourism that remains little known in France.

Alain Grau, Underwater Experience

The Centre International de Plongée du Dramont offers novice and experienced divers a chance to discover a unique and carefully protected hidden underwater world. You can go and see our preferred diving partner Alain Grau in the port of Poussaï, or he’ll pick you up from the hotel. His two training centres and five boats will take you exploring any of ten different sites. Alain is most at home beneath the waves, rubbing shoulders with grouper, barracuda and lobsters, uncompromisingly committed to safety and quality of service but with a boundless passion for the amazing experience that is Mediterranean diving. 

If shallower water is more your thing, he also offers thirty- to forty-minute guided snorkelling tours with mask, fins and snorkel included.

Learn pétanque with Robert and Alain

Robert, the vice president of the Union Bouliste d’Agay founded in 1967, and Alain, departemental referee of FFPJP (Petanque and provencal game federation), hold sessions in the gardens of Les Roches Rouges, they instruct guests in the rudiments of the game or help them to hone their skills, and then hold tournaments pitting them against local players. Ask them what quality is most important to a good bouliste, and they’ll tell you: “calm and respect for the opponent”. Once you’ve acquired that, the sky’s the limit.

Yoann Cenni: biking with a difference

You don’t need to be a Tour de France contender to explore the Estérel massif on two wheels. Yoann Cenni’s motorised mountain bikes spirit you away from the summer heat to a realm of fresh air and cool shade, well off the beaten track and definitely not accessible by vehicle. He’ll take you along ancient paths, past canyons, rocky peaks and waterfalls, and show you views of the Iles de Lérins, Cannes, and the southern Alps. The emphasis is always on enjoying the ride, not proving your physical prowess.

Joseph di Caro: Slow walking

Ever since ecotourism made its debut thirty years ago, Joseph has organised walking and minibus tours of the Estérel national forest’s 400 kilometres of tracks. He picnicked there with his parents when he was a child, and now he’s the Office National des Forêts’ only official guide, sharing the mountain’s secrets all year round. He’ll take you bathing in the lakes, tell you about the flora and fauna, and sit under a mimosa or cork oak recounting tales of green vegetation, blue sea, and red rocks.

Vanessa Volckaert: Yoga for all

Vanessa holds yoga sessions for guests of all levels of experience, even beginners, hidden away among the pines in the garden of Les Roches Rouges, facing the sea. She teaches Vinyasa flow yoga, a dynamic yoga rhythmed thanks to breathing but also a softer and more relaxing kind of yoga. Each session, including the choice of poses, is carefully adapted to participants’ needs and abilities. 
Vanessa Volckaert is a professional certified Yoga Alliance instructor (an Indian course) and has founded the HappyNess studio, located in Fréjus. She will also complete yoga classes with her specific knowledge about maternity and functional anatomy. 

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