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11th musical Spring of Saint-Tropez

25th April – 19 June 2019

From April to June, enjoy one classical music night per month. The perfect cultural meetup to welcome Summer.

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Picasso exhibition - Saint-Tropez

16th February – 19th June 2019

The Annonciade Museum of Saint Tropez is organizing an unprecedented exhibition as part of the "Picasso-Mediterranean" operation. This event is initiated by the Picasso National Museum - Paris and brings together more than sixty institutions that have imagined a program around the work "stubbornly Mediterranean" of Pablo Picasso and the places that inspired him.

Bernard Buffet and his masters exhibition

18th April – 27th October 2019

The Castle de la Messardière welcomes the work of Bernard Buffet, at this side, guests of the palace will be able to admire the creations of other artists. 

Saint-Tropez bravades

16th – 18th May 2019

The Bravades are a historic celebration in the city of Saint-Tropez to remember the Saint Patron and the glorious military past of the city. 

Mother Nature day

20th – 25th May 2019

Take part to exhibitions on biodiversity, insects and mammals or walk through the Castle of Moutte park for a commented walk with an entomologist or the guard of the Conservatoire du Littoral. 

The voiles latines of Saint-Tropez

23rd – 26th May 2019

Pointus, Felouques, Gozzos, Tartanons, Tarquiés, boats from Catalonia or Marseilles will all moor in Saint-Tropez’ harbour.

Rendez-vous in the gardens

7th – 9th June 2019

During the first weekend of June, all parcs and gardens will be opened to the public. Activities and workshops will raise awareness on protection, restauration and development of gardens.

Retro Auto forum Fréjus

1st - 2nd June 2019

The biggest regional tradeshow for collection cars. Come admire cars and motorcycles older than 30 years old, as well as legendary pilots. In the evening you can attend a free Rock concert and fireworks.

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Rally Megève - Saint-Tropez

10th - 13th June 2019 

It was not less than 70 “Classic” and prestige cars that had an appointment in Megève for the start of the 5th Rally Megève – Saint-Tropez

Les Musicales in Provence's vineyards

21st June - 30th August 2019

Every summer, the festival celebrates the culture of wine and music in the most prestigious vineyards of Provence with of famous artists. Take part in jazz, classical music or even tango concerts while tasting best wines of the vineyard. 

Festival Do You Saint-Tropez and music day

21st June 2019

This year, artists from various musical backgrounds will gather for Music Day. The streets of Saint-Tropez will also be filled with amateur concerts.

Bailli de Suffren trophy

21st - 30th June 2019

 In a true gentleman spirit, the race is 580-mile long and goes from Saint-Tropez to Malta, with halts in Sardinia and Sicilia.

Celebration of Saint-Pierre

29th - 30th June 2019

The tropezian celebrate their fisherman's patron saint with a torch procession, a bark will be set on fire follow up by a ball. 

Jazz festival

5th - 9th July 2019

With more than 50 free concerts scheduled along with 350 musicians in 23 different locations.

National Day

14th July 2019

Celebrate the French National Day in Saint-Tropez! Around 10:45pm, magnificent fireworks will be let off from the see in the harbour. After, join the dance party all night long.

Live Thursdays

11th July - 22nd August 2019 

For this first edition, come and enjoy comedy stand-ups and music concerts in the Palais des Congrès of Saint Raphaël. Every time, a renown artist will lead the show: Louis Bertignac, Brigitte, Véronique Sanson Pony Pony Run Run among others.

Classic Tennis Tour

19th - 20th July 2019

Located on the city’s harbour, between the yachts, the ephemera tennis court gathers aficionados as well as amateurs. Every year, international tennis stars face up at the Classic Tennis Tour. The event takes place on 2 afternoons with an average of 5 games a day.

International festival of Argentine tango

27th July 2019

A Milonga will be organized every night and during the weekend dance shows will be performed by professionals. This event takes place in the city centre, in the Bonaparte garden.

Evenings at the citadel

27th - 29th July 2019

A breath-taking location on Saint-Tropez’ heights and 3 days of music make it one of the unmissable Summer meetups!

Seasonal Market at Saint-Raphaël

July - August 2019

Seasonal market in Saint-Raphaël. From July to late August, every day on the promenade des Bains in Saint-Raphaël, from 7pm.

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