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Pétanque classes

Every Thursday at 5pm, Robert and Alain, members of the neighbouring village’s bowling club, gives free lessons at cocktail hour. 

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Pétanque class

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Every Wednesday & Friday, the open-air cinema shows films after dark. Classic and contemporary films like Respiro, Le Grand Bleu, La Piscine to be discovered and rediscovered by the light of the moon.

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  • Le grand bleu by Luc Besson, released in 1988
  • The Imposter by Bart Layton, released in 2012
  • Respiro by Emanuele Crialese, released in 2002
  • La Piscine by Jacques Deray, released in 1969

For kids:
  •  Percy Jackson : Sea of monsters, released in 2013

Live Music Evenings

Every Tuesday, the gardens and pool area of the hotel come alive to the strains of live Gypsy, Cuban or acoustic folk-rock music.

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The hotel offers open-air yoga classes every Sunday in the garden, by the pool, or on the terrace, for stretching and relaxation exercises in a quiet and peaceful environment.

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Exploring the Esterel

Every Sunday Joseph di Caro, an experienced guide in the Esterel National Park, introduces the Esterel range in photographs. He also leads off the beaten track hikes in the mountains behind the hotel.

More information at the reception.

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